Sexual Misconduct Board

Sexual Misconduct Board

In accordance with the Sexual Misconduct Policy, the Sexual Misconduct Board (“the board”) adjudicates reported violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy. The board is comprised of five faculty, five students and five staff members. Applicants are identified by a nomination, application and interview process that results in recommendations to the Vice President for Student Affairs who shall select the members of the board. When the Sexual Misconduct Board is selected as a student’s hearing route, a hearing panel will be identified to review all of the information presented and will respond fairly and effectively to alleged violations of the Sexual Misconduct Policy. The hearing panel makes recommendations to the Dean of Students regarding whether the Sexual Misconduct Policy has been violated as well as sanctions to be imposed.

Members of the board must participate in scheduled training sessions, schedule a weekly time for board hearings and adhere to Title IX requirements. Members must serve at least a year on the board.

Request Live Training
The Office of the Dean of Students provides members of Georgia State University with trainings and discussions that revolve around sexual misconduct. These issues include sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual intercourse, non-consensual sexual contact, effect consent, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking.

Our trainers bring an interesting, engaging, and practical approach to all subject matter regarding sexual misconduct and discrimination that will leave you with useful information that can be applied in real life scenarios.

To request live, in-person training, please contact our office.