Victim Assistance

Student Victim Assistance Services provide victim assistance to students who have experienced a traumatic event or have been the victim of sexual assault or other crimes.

Services include:

  • Direct crisis intervention
  • Making referrals for on and off campus resources
  • Providing advocacy and support during all phases of University, legal/criminal proceedings
  • Supplying information
  • Providing consultation and education to students and faculty and staff
  • Providing on-going follow-up and support as needed

Privacy and Confidentiality
Visits to Student Victim Assistance Services are confidential, no one outside the Student Victim Assistance Services and the Counseling Center is given any information regarding what support services you received or even that you have made an appointment, unless we have your written permission to do so. This includes, but is not limited to: family, spouses, romantic partners, friends, co-workers, employers, professors, or university officials outside of the Student Victim Assistance Services.

A Few Exceptions to Confidentiality
However, if we believe that you are immediately and seriously dangerous to yourself or to an identifiable third person, we are legally required to try to keep you safe and to warn anyone else you might try to harm. Also, if we hear about child abuse or elder abuse taking place in the present, we are required to report this to appropriate state authorities. If we or our records are subpoenaed in a legal proceeding, we may be required to release the records.

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Student Victim Assistance Services
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