Starting a New Organization

  1. Complete “Petition to Charter” form on OrgSync. Found on Georgia State University’s Student Organizations’ page under “Forms”.
  2. Arrange a meeting with the staff to review constitution (email:
  3. Attend a New Student Organization Orientation (dates are on the OrgSync Calendar).
  4. Create an OrgSync Portal.
    1. Log in to your OrgSync account.
    2. Select “Organizations” at the top of your screen.
    3. Click the green “register a new organization” button.
    4. Fill out this form in its entirety. This will be your public organization page.
    5. An email will be generated to your advisor to approve the submission.
  5. The Student Life and Development Committee will review all petitions that have gone through the above steps. The committee meets once a month. An Office of the Dean of Students’ staff member will present the organizations for review.
  6. Approval of Petition to Charter Form and OrgSync Portal.