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The Office of the Dean of Students is open and ready to serve you. The best way to connect with us is by email at deanofstudents@gsu.edu or phone at 404-413-1515 during business hours. When an in-person meeting is necessary, it is best to schedule in advance. Virtual meetings are also available. You can complete many functions right here through our website, including reporting incidents or concerns, emergency assistance, and emergency withdrawal requests. Click here for Financial Hardship & Emergency Withdrawal

Please be aware of hackers when connecting virtually. More information can be found here. Also, start your semester with a better understanding of Academic Integrity.


A: Submit documentation of your medical issue online to request an absence
A: Email your statement explaining what occurred and your involvement in the situation by 9AM to deanofstudents@gsu.edu. Please make sure you include your name, panther ID, and cell phone number. A Student Conduct staff member will reply to you and arrange a meeting time.
A: Contact the person who assigned the requirement to discuss alternative methods for completion. If you are unsure who to contact, email deanofstudents@gsu.edu. Online options are available to satisfy all requirements.
A: Information about Student Assistance through the Office of the Dean of Students is available on the Student Assistance site and you can connect with our staff virtually to review your circumstances and discuss what resources may be available to assist.

Report an Incident

Georgia State University is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for all members of the university community and has established policies and procedures that comprise the Student Code of Conduct (the Code) to both promote the university mission and protect the rights of students, faculty and staff. Report all alleged violations of the Code immediately.

Request Virtual Training

The Dean of Students office provides members of Georgia State University with training and workshops that revolve around sexual misconduct (sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking), general conduct, FERPA, academic honesty, conflict resolution, decision making and career-readiness.

Dean's Certification Request

A Dean’s Certification is a letter of clearance verifying your prior (if applicable) disciplinary conduct. These letters are usually required by graduate/professional schools, state bar associations, government agencies, etc. when applying for admission or employment. These institutions will provide you with a release form to sign and have the Dean of Students office to complete.

Student Code Of Conduct
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