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Summer is coming and the office of the Dean of Students wants you to have a productive and enjoyable season. For those taking summer classes, below are tools for success. The office of the Dean of Students supports a safe and secure learning environment that is conducive to academic success. Information on academic honesty or course information is available to guide you. Here are a couple of things to think about as you begin the semester:

  • Why are you taking a course?
  • What do you want to get out of it?

Come prepared to learn on the first day, summer classes do not work like regular classes. Regardless of why you’re taking summer classes…more>>>

Report an Incident

Georgia State University is committed to ensuring a safe learning environment for all members of the university community and has established policies and procedures that comprise the Student Code of Conduct (the Code) to both promote the university mission and protect the rights of students, faculty and staff. Report all alleged violations of the Code immediately.

Request Training

The Dean of Students office provides members of Georgia State University with training and workshops that revolve around sexual misconduct (sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, non-consensual sexual contact, dating violence, domestic violence and stalking), general conduct, FERPA, academic honesty, conflict resolution, decision making and career-readiness.

Student Code Of Conduct
Policy on Academic Honesty
Concerns About Students
Emergency Withdrawal
Student Affairs
Off Campus Living
Student Judicial Board
Conflict Resolution