Help With the Final Lap

Posted On July 26, 2018
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Final exams are here for the many students who have decided to take summer courses. To help students prepare for that final lap, the office of the Dean of Students provided a link that has a list[i] of pertinent information related to final exams. Also, the office of the Dean of Students has resources to help students, not only through finals but throughout students’ careers at Georgia State University. These resources are designed to help students achieve success at Georgia State University.

Emergency Assistance
The Dean of Students office can assist students and families in the event of an emergency circumstance that interferes with the student’s class attendance. The Dean of Students office will coordinate with relevant campus resources to support the student’s successful return to the university. Please call 404-413-1515 for assistance.

Policy on Academic Honesty
Students are expected to recognize and uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity. The Policy on Academic Honesty assumes as a basic and minimum standard of conduct in academic matters that students be honest and that they submit for credit only the products of their efforts.

Embark Network
The Embark Network at Georgia State University assists students experiencing homelessness or in the foster care system. The Embark Network connects students with on and off campus resources for assistance with food insecurity, housing, homeless verification, employment referrals and other services. The Embark Network will work with students to navigate university policies and processes.

  • Panther's Pantry.The Nutrition Student Network, in the Department of Nutrition, Byrdine F. Lewis School of Nursing and Health Professions, operates the pantry. The pantry aims to reduce short-term food insecurity for students experiencing the stress of financial constraints. Please check out the Panther's Pantry on Facebook for location and hours of operation.

Emergency Withdrawal

Students may request an Emergency Withdrawal when a nonacademic emergency situation occurs that prevents them from completing their coursework (e.g., severe medical problems, traumatic events) and when the timing or nature of the emergency prevents them from voluntarily withdrawing from their classes.

Student Complaints & Petitions
The Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalogs and the Student Code of Conduct set forth policies and requirements for Georgia State students. Students are expected to know and comply with these policies. However, students may file a complaint, petition or appeal by following the procedures outlined in the Georgia State University Policy Procedures for Student Complaints, Petitions for Policy Waivers and Variances and Appeals located in the Student Code of Conduct.

Please peruse this website or stop by the office in the Student Center East, Suite 303, for more information.