Combatting the Red Zone

Posted On September 6, 2018
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The new school year has begun and students are excited about a new chapter in their lives. Figuring out class schedules, study times, and when to hang out. Unfortunately, another thing students have to focus on is safety. Studies have shown that the first six weeks of the new fall semester are considered the “Red Zone.” The Red Zone is the first few months of the school year when there is an increase in sexual assaults.

Georgia State University is committed to creating a safe environment and will respond to all reported incidents of sexual misconduct. In addition, the university is committed to sexual misconduct prevention and education. The Sexual Misconduct Awareness and Risk Reduction Team (SMARRT) is working to create a series of programming around consent, dating violence, as well as other areas of sexual misconduct. The office of the Dean of Students works closely with Student Health Promotions and AA/EEO Training and Compliance to create prevention and educational workshops for the campus community. If you are aware of any sexual misconduct, we encourage you to report it.

More information about sexual misconduct can be found on the sexual misconduct site. For more information about safety, please visit the campus safety week site.