Supporting a Strong Finish

Posted On October 31, 2018
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As final exams approach, the office of the Dean of Students not only strives to provide assistance throughout finals, but to help students achieve overall success at Georgia State University. To achieve this mission, the office of the Dean of Students has resources available to help students prepare to finish strong:

  • Emergency Assistance – If an emergency occurs during final exams that interferes with a student’s class attendance, assistance for students/families is available.
  • Emergency Withdrawal – When there is a severe medical problem, traumatic event, etc. students can apply for an Emergency Withdrawal if the nonacademic emergency prevents a student from completing their coursework:
  • Embark Network (Panther’s Pantry) – Eating at regular intervals assists in preventing energy “crashes”, faintness, and lethargy, which will impact students’ ability to focus and study. The Panther’s Pantry provides assistance for students experiencing.

The office of the Dean of Students continues to support student development through creating effective citizens. Several workshops to help balance students’ personal and academic concerns are offered, such as Sexual Misconduct Training, Consent Circles, Conflict Resolution, and Decision Making. These workshops are can be facilitated upon request. Please review our website for upcoming events and workshops.

In addition to these resources and workshops, the office of the Dean of Students encourages all students to uphold standards of intellectual and academic integrity. Academic integrity workshops can be facilitated upon request. Please refer to the Policy on Academic Honesty for basic and minimum standards of conduct in academic matters.

Finally, the office of the Dean of Students supports a safe and secure learning environment that is conducive to academic success.  The Undergraduate and Graduate Course Catalogs and the Student Code of Conduct set forth policies and requirements for Georgia State students. For additional information regarding these policies please stop by the office of the Dean of Students in Student Center East, Suite 303.