Summer Semester Success

Posted On May 7, 2019
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Summer is coming and the office of the Dean of Students wants you to have a productive and enjoyable season. For those taking summer classes, below are tools for success. The office of the Dean of Students supports a safe and secure learning environment that is conducive to academic success. Information on academic honesty or course information is available to guide you.
Here are a couple of things to think about as you begin the semester:

  • Why are you taking a course?
  • What do you want to get out of it?

Come prepared to learn on the first day, summer classes do not work like regular classes. Regardless of why you’re taking summer classes or which courses you decide to take, your goal is to do well and get the best grade possible. Given the accelerated rate of learning expected for summer courses, students need to adopt different learning techniques and study strategies that will lay the ground work for doing well in summer courses.

If you are retaking a class. Don't start from square one. This is a terrific opportunity to reflect on the areas or topics you previously had trouble with. Seek help, if you need it! Take the necessary steps to work with the Learning and Tutoring Center and your professor on skills and topics you need to master. Revisit the course material to see how much you already know.

Sync your Georgia State University school email and calendar with your personal email and calendar. Mark test dates and deadlines for major assignments on a calendar and work backwards. Don't forget to include your work schedules, events, and other fun stuff you have planned for the summer, so you have a clear picture of what you truly have going on. Devote a chunk of time each night to preparing for what's coming up the following day as well as big projects that may require more of your time.

Prepare to take great notes. Remember, summer classes operate on a compressed schedule, which means you will cover more material per class session. Note taking skills are key for keeping up with of the information covered each session.

Form a new study group. Summer session is great way to meet people you wouldn’t normally run into. Summer classes usually have fewer students in them, so you might feel more comfortable asking to classmates to form an impromptu study group.

Before a big test, think about what you can expect. Visualize the upcoming test and which topics or chapters will the test cover.
Identify and take advantage of the resources in the Dean of Students office. From Decision-Making workshops to Emergency Withdrawal, there are resources available for your success.

Most importantly, enjoy the summer and be sure to balance out your time so that you stay centered and recharged.

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