Refreshed & Rejuvenated

Posted On January 15, 2020
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Welcome Back! We hope you are returning refreshed and rejuvenated.

As you have set New Year’s Resolutions, it is time also to take an assessment of your Fall academic experience. The office of the Dean of Students strives to create a culture of care by offering many services that assist you in taking an assessment of your experiences and can help you with being successful this semester.

How can we help you?

Conflict Resolution Workshop - Did you struggle with resolving an issue with a friend, a roommate, a professor, or a family member? We offer a conflict resolution workshop to teach you the skills in resolving disagreements.

Decision-Making Workshop - Do feel that you could have made better decisions? Did you struggle in making a decision? Have you engaged in conduct that you feel may affect your future? The decision-making workshop strives to give you time for reflection on your actions or inaction and to provide skills on how to make better decisions in the future.

Meet the Dean of Students Staff - Within the office of the Dean of Students, we offer Student Assistance to all students. If you need to discuss any issue related to Georgia State University and you are not sure which office to contact, you can meet with staff from the office of the Dean of Student. We will discuss your situation and connect you with the office that can assist you. Please call our office at 404-413-1515 to schedule an appointment or stop by one of the office locations.

Emergency Withdrawal – When there is a severe medical problem, traumatic event, etc., students can apply for an Emergency Withdrawal if the nonacademic emergency prevents a student from completing their coursework. Contact the office of the Dean of Students if you would like to discuss the Emergency Withdrawal process or complete an application online.

Resources for Housing and Food Insecurity – The Embark Network at Georgia State University provides assistance to students experiencing homelessness or the foster care system. The Embark Network connects students with on and off campus resources for assistance with food insecurity, housing, homeless verification, employment referrals and other services. Eating at regular intervals assists in preventing energy “crashes,” faintness, and lethargy, which will impact students’ ability to focus and study. The Panther’s Pantry assists students experiencing food insecurity. Also if you need food or supplies and the Panther’s Pantry is not open, please stop the office of the Dean of Students.

The office of the Dean of Students is here to help and is a great resource for continued success or getting back on track.