Leaders Forged in Crisis

Posted On November 9, 2020
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2020 has been a year full of uncertainty and adversity at every turn. As we inch closer to closing out the year, we all know that 2020 has transformed the world and our lives. In these challenging times, the Office of the Dean of Students has adapted our student programming to help students reach their highest potential. Here is why…history teaches us that ordinary people make themselves capable of doing extraordinary things in these moments of adversity.

A must-read book, "Forged in Crisis," written by Nancy Koehn, underscores this point. The author captures five courageous leaders' biographies in the book, focusing on each individual's development of leadership skills under crisis. There are modern leadership lessons that we can learn from these historical accounts of Fredrick Douglass and Abraham Lincoln. One takeaway is that leaders use their internal fortitude, combined with the personal trials they face as ingredients, to help achieve the highest potential in life. Also, courageous leaders lead from a place of humanity, often challenging the status quo. Another takeaway is that leaders use challenging times to discover their inner strength, develop their vision, and declare a higher purpose or a life-long mission.

The Office of the Dean of Students believes that this year is a defining year requiring students to develop critical leadership skills for the future. Our Creating Effective Citizens program uses co-curricular activities to build community, facilitate student success, and encourage transition from college to career. Several co-curricular activities offered are Meditation Mondays, Making Better Moves: Decision Making, Conflict Resolution, and Think Before You Tweet workshops.

The training and skills provided in these activities helps students discover their inner strengths and develop a vision towards their life-long mission. If you are looking to build your skills, and preparing yourself for an extraordinarily successful future, attend an activity hosted by us. All our events are listed in the Panther Involvement Network (PIN). We look forward to seeing you at the next activity, so you can reach your highest potential!