Conflict Resolution & Decision-Making Workshops

The Dean of Students office provides Conflict Resolution as well as Decision-Making workshops for Georgia State University students. Whether you are attending to enhance your skills or you are required to attend, these workshops will help you manage conflict effectively and identify ways to make better decisions.

Conflict Resolution: Conflict is inevitable. It is imperative that students are well equipped to deal with conflict appropriately. This conflict resolution workshop focuses on several key skills necessary for resolving conflict. Participants will learn about different conflict styles and methods for managing conflict, as well as how to generate helpful options. The workshop will include a guide that students can reference when they are involved in future conflicts.

Decision-Making: Identifying and understanding your values, strengths, and goals are needed in order to consistently make effective decisions. This workshop asks participants to reflect on these things in order to create a personal code of ethics statement. Participants will also gain valuable communication and conflict resolution skills, as well as tools for strategic decision-making. Students will receive student training guides that they can take with them to help them make difficult decisions in the future.

Length: Both workshops are one-hour long.

How to Register for a Workshop:

Note: Currently, all sessions are held virtually. We can only accommodate ten students per session. If the trainings are full or you are unable to make it to any of the available times, please email Jaray E. Mazique.