Creating Effective Citizens

To vibrantly engage students in celebrating core panther values, while actively learning career competencies, the Dean of Students Office has launched a new program entitled CREATING EFFECTIVE CITIZENS. The Creating Effective Citizens (CEC) Program’s co-curricular activities build community, facilitate student success, and encourage a seamless college to career transition. Specifically, the program is designed to:

  • Enhance students’ critical thinking skills;
  • Provide opportunities for students to give back to the community;
  • Teach students effective communication and interpersonal strategies; and,
  • Offer engagement and leadership opportunities for students.

The identification of the core Panther values (Diversity and Inclusion, Ethical Leadership Development, Community and Civic Engagement, Tradition and Legacy, and College to Career Preparation) is the result of recommendations from focus groups that met in 2016, comprised of student leaders of the Student Judicial Board, Spotlight Programming Board, New Student Orientation Leaders, and Peer Health Educators, combined with the Dean of Students office’s integrating Ernest Boyer’s Principles of Community and the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE)’s career competencies. The Panther values were replaced with the POUNCE Pillars.

P-Promote Panther Pride
O-Own Your Academic Journey
U-Understand Ethics & Integrity
N-Nurture Healthy Habits
C-Connect College to Career
E-Engage Campus, Cultures & Community

The Creating Effective Citizens Recognition Process

The CEC program provides a variety of engagement opportunities for our diverse student community. Student involvement is acknowledged based on the number of events students attend. Events eligible for CEC recognition will occur from August 2020 through March 2021. Paw Points will be determined accordingly:

  • Cub Crew = 1-6 engagement activities
  • Pouncing Pride = 7-9 engagement activities
  • Roaring Royalty = 10 + engagement activities from all POUNCE Pillars
  • Panther Prestige = Roaring Royalty multiple years through senior year

Participation in CEC is highly encouraged for all students at Georgia State University.

Paw Points are assigned based on event participation (students must swipe-in or sign an attendance sheet at each attended activity). Periodically, students will receive a Paw Point notification of their Paw Point status.

Students will receive the following recognition:

  • Cub Crew = An email from the Dean of Students acknowledging their Paw Point status.
  • Pouncing Pride = Acknowledgement on the ODOS website, Visix screen, and/or social media.
  • Roaring Royalty = Dean’s Pin presented at the Royal Flame Awards.
  • Panther Prestige = CEC completion letter and Dean's graduation cord.

For more information on the Creating Effective Citizens Program, contact the Dean of Students Office at 404-413-1515 or email Jaray Mazique.

The most updated event information can be found on the ODOS PIN page.
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