Disruptive Student Conduct

Disruptive student conduct is student behavior in a classroom or other learning environment (to include both on and off campus locations), which disrupts the educational process. Disruptive class behavior for this purpose is defined by the instructor. Such behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • verbal or physical threats
  • repeated obscenities
  • unreasonable interference with class discussion
  • making or receiving personal phone calls, text messages or pages during class
  • excessive tardiness
  • leaving and entering class frequently in the absence of notice to instructor of illness or other extenuating circumstances
  • persisting in disruptive personal conversations with other class members

For purposes of this policy, it may also be considered disruptive behavior for a student to exhibit threatening, intimidating, or other inappropriate behavior toward the instructor or classmates outside of class. If the instructor believes that the disruptive behavior poses a threat to the safety of the instructor or students, immediately contact the University Police at 404-413-3333.

Members of the faculty and staff may consult with the Dean of Students office when addressing disruptive behavior in the class or other learning environment. The Disruptive Student Conduct in Classroom or Other Learning Environment Policy is available in the Administrative Policies of the Student Code of Conduct and the Faculty Handbook. The Dean of Students office must be notified of all charges and actions taken through the Disruptive Student Conduct in Classroom or Other Learning Environment Policy.