Leaders Forged in Crisis

2020 has been a year full of uncertainty and adversity at every turn. As we inch closer to closing out the year, we all know… more »

IPV Awareness Month

What is Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)? The term “Intimate partner violence” refers to abuse that occurs in a current or former relationship. Intimate partner abuse… more »

Refreshed & Rejuvenated

Welcome Back! We hope you are returning refreshed and rejuvenated.

As you have set New Year’s Resolutions, it is time also to take an assessment… more »

Managing Stress

Everyone feels stressed at different times in their life. Sometimes you may feel like your personal life is tough, other times it could be your… more »

Men in Violence Prevention (MVP)

Men in Violence Prevention (MVP) is a student-led initiative supported by the Dean of Students Office in collaboration with MVP mentors from various university departments.… more »

Summer Semester Success

Summer is coming and the office of the Dean of Students wants you to have a productive and enjoyable season. For those taking more »

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April has been designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted with the majority of victims being under 30… more »

Spring Break and the Code

Many students look forward to spring break because it is a time to relax. The much-needed time off will help students to recharge and prepare… more »