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Managing Stress

Everyone feels stressed at different times in their life. Sometimes you may feel like your personal life is tough, other times it could be your… more »

Men in Violence Prevention (MVP)

Men in Violence Prevention (MVP) is a student-led initiative supported by the Dean of Students Office in collaboration with MVP mentors from various university departments.… more »

Summer Semester Success

Summer is coming and the office of the Dean of Students wants you to have a productive and enjoyable season. For those taking more »

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April has been designated as Sexual Assault Awareness Month. Every 98 seconds, an American is sexually assaulted with the majority of victims being under 30… more »

Spring Break and the Code

Many students look forward to spring break because it is a time to relax. The much-needed time off will help students to recharge and prepare… more »

Supporting a Strong Finish

As final exams approach, the office of the Dean of Students not only strives to provide assistance throughout finals, but to help students achieve overall… more »

Combatting the Red Zone

The new school year has begun and students are excited about a new chapter in their lives. Figuring out class schedules, study times, and when… more »


Help With the Final Lap

Final exams are here for the many students who have decided to take summer courses. To help students prepare for that final lap, the office… more »

Flu Shot

Flu Season

Get a flu shot. The best way to prevent the flu is to be immune to the viruses. If you haven’t gotten a flu shot… more »

Life After Justice

Life After Justice

The Student Judicial Board (SJB) serves the student body of Georgia State University, where students are provided an opportunity to be heard by their peers.… more »


Impact of College on Cities

Recently, Dr. Darryl Holloman, the Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students, was asked to provide insight from his experience on the relationship between colleges… more »

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It's On Us

It's On Us Campaign

As the White House marks the one-year anniversary of the anti-sexual assault campaign It’s On Us on September 19, Georgia State is ramping up efforts… more »