Responsible Employee Defined

We encourage all employees of the university to avoid making assurances of confidentiality when confronted with disclosures about past or current experiences of sexual misconduct.

All university employees except those listed as a confidential resource (Counseling and Testing Center, Student Health Clinic, and Student Victim Assistance) serve as responsible employees who are required to share all reports of sexual misconduct with administrative officials for university review per the instructions below.

University Report:
Sexual misconduct by members of the university community should be immediately reported to one of Georgia State University’s Title IX coordinators as described below:

  • Sexual Misconduct by students should be reported to:
    Student Code of Conduct Incident Report Form
    Office of the Dean of Students
    Student Center East, Suite 303
  • Sexual Misconduct by faculty or staff should be reported to:
    Assistant Vice President of Human Resources Administration and Opportunity Development/Diversity Education Planning (ODDEP)
    1 Park Place South, Suite 308