Student Assistance

The Office of the Dean of Students is dedicated to student success and retention through the facilitation of students' understanding and use of university systems and resources. Knowledgeable staff assist and empower students in conducting their university affairs by listening and analyzing students’ issues, questions or concerns, talking with students to help devise a problem-solving strategy and referring students to appropriate staff members and departments.

Financial Hardship & Emergency Assistance
Georgia State Financial Hardship and Emergency Assistance supports students in overcoming unforeseen hardships that hinder their successful academic progress. Consideration for support is a last-resort option after all other applicable financial aid awards and/or community resources are exhausted. Decisions about disbursement of assistance are on a case-by-case basis. Some forms of assistance may include a potentially taxable benefit and might have to be reported as part of a financial aid package while others will not. Funds can cover documented school-related expenses (for example, tuition, fees, room, board, books, etc.) and/or other basic needs (for example, food, housing, childcare, transportation, etc.). Some forms of assistance might involve the offer of a loan, which might require repayment.

Assistance is made possible through private donations and may be partial and/or limited based on the types of funds used and the amount of funds available at the time of request.

Complete the form below and share more about your needs. To avoid delays it is imperative that you provide a thorough and complete description of your circumstances in the details statement and upload the supporting documentation you have available. Email correspondence will be sent through your student email.

Professor Absence Notification
The Office of the Dean of Students will provide verification for all professors at the request of students when seeking excused absences for documented medical/health related and other emergency circumstances.