Student Conduct

The Georgia State University Student Code of Conduct contains policies and procedures to both promote the university mission and protect the rights of students, faculty and staff. The Dean of Students office is responsible for upholding the university’s established policies and procedures that comprise the Student Code of Conduct. The Student Code of Conduct articulates the types of actions that infringe upon the campus' climate of civility and the academic integrity of the university. An overarching philosophy of the student conduct process is to provide students with the opportunity to reflect upon their actions, take responsibility for the outcomes of their life and develop ethical approaches to their decision-making process. Students are obligated to be knowledgeable of and to comply with the university’s rules, policies and procedures. Students are also individually responsible for understanding and exercising their rights, fulfilling their obligations and respecting the rights of others. A copy of the most current Student Code of Conduct may be accessed on the web. For more information, visit the Dean of Students office in the Student Center East, Suite 303, or call 404-413-1515.