Dean of Students Virtual Events

  • Hunger 101
    Learn about the issues that surround hunger and food insecurity with the Atlanta Community Food Bank.
  • Meditation Mondays
    Managing classes, work, and other responsibilities in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic can be stressful. Do not forget to take a moment for yourself.
  • Donuts w/ the Deans Office
    Virtually connect with the Dean of Students office staff, ask questions and get resources.
  • Beyond the Post
    Dating can be complex. Join us for this interactive session discussing the red flags of dating violence.
  • Conflict Resolution Workshop
    Roommate, partner, or friend got you heated? Find ways to manage your responses to conflicts that trigger your anger.
  • Decision-Making Workshop
    Decisions are critical in every aspect of our lives. Learn the best strategies to make the best decisions.
  • Got Consent?
    Find out what consent actually looks and sounds like, even in this virtual world.
  • How to Make Calming Jars
    Join us in making calming jars as a way to manage stress and anxiety.
  • Human Trafficking Workshop
    This engaging webinar teaches participants the truth of human trafficking, its massive scope, and who is most at risk.
  • Going Hungry (Social Justice Series)
    This panel discusses needs insecurity for students and provides resources.